The World of The Married’s ratings surpassed 24%, the highest ratings for a cable drama

According to Nielsen Korea, the 12th episode of JTBS’s hit Friday-Sunday drama “The World of The Married” scored an average rating of 24.33% nationwide.

It is the #1 of all programs aired in the same time slot in terms of ratings. “The World of The Married” is once again proving its unparalleled popularity as its 12th episode’s rating was up 3.3% from the previous one. It’s previous highest viewer rating was 22.913% scored last week by the 10th episode.

Meanwhile, SBS’s drama “The King: Eternal Monarch” recorded only 7.4% and 10.3% viewership for its 2 parts

Original post: Nate

[+1,377,-16]That’s amazing!!! 24% is really good even for public channels! Scoring a rating of 3 or 4% for cable channels in the past was an achievement!

[+1,181,-29]It’s a solid story! The more you watch it the more you fall in love with it thanks to the realistic acting skills of the cast members. Also, Kim Hee Ae was the best!

[+959,-20]At end of each episode I get so curious about what’s gonna happen in the next one. It feels like watching a thriller! So exciting and fun!

[+100,-4]The couples’ tough relationship… is so realistic…

[+92,-2]Kim Hee Ae is such a great actress, she mastered her role… The way she talked to Joon Young affectionately when she called him, when she went to Hye Kang’s mom to pick her up and that last scene too… It’s amazing how emotional those scenes turned out to be

[+82,-4]There’s no acting hole in this drama. A gathering of veterans!

[+72,-2]Guys, the reality is more brutal. Our society is a battlefield without gunsㅋㅋㅋ

[+69,-2] Aside from the story, every single actor in this drama is so talented..👍🏻

[+68,-1]I’m even more surprised that “The King” was able to score viewer ratings of 7%…

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